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Reaching an audience and providing value requires information about your viewers beyond that of a good guess. Fortunately your website activity creates a pool of information that you can leverage to improve what you are doing. We are not all tech savvy gurus that can sort through huge quantities of data to determine what is going on and why. That's why a service like ours is critically important. You can watch your success, change your game, see what effect promotions and content changes make in you web activity, it's all there for you to see in a concise and user friendly way. Succeed by using SiteMetrix to measure what you are doing, working smarter, and learning from the results.

Major server upgrades and other infrastructure changes are in process, and will continue for the next 30 days. We are improving our back end systems to meet projected demand over the next 6 months. This means that our report demos may have limited data during this major upgrade. We will remove this message when changes are completed. Services will continue without interruption during this upgrade..

SiteMetrix provides a low cost way for you to evaluate the effectiveness of your website, or web deployed content. SiteMetrix is also designed to be easy to implement. Register now, and get started!

Now you can get your website traffic analysis online instantly, 24/7. Fine tune your content to fill user needs that you didn't even know existed before, and make your online presence far more effective. Web content writers can look at the information provided in these reports and get ideas for new content. You will see visually how your site is working and discover what visitors are looking for.

SiteMetrix can help you answer these important questions:

  • How many views does your article, or web page get?
  • How many unique visitors visited your site?
  • Which referring sites are sending you traffic, and how much?
  • Which pages (or articles) were accessed and how often?
  • Which search engines are sending you traffic?
  • What are people looking for that come to your site from a search engine?
  • What screen formats are your visitors using?
  • What browsers should you be designing your content for?
  • What operating systems are your visitors are using?
  • Where do visitors enter your site, what do they look at and where do they leave?
  • Are visitors returning?
  • What effect was there from your last promotion?
  • Did your content changes work out the way you expected?

Traffic Analysis Reports Available Online.

If you have a commercial (or personal) website or write articles for web deployment, every viewer of your content is important to you. The importance of being able to monitor visitor traffic cannot be overstated. The more you know the better equipped you are to see trends, and learn from your visitors. This makes it easier for you to meet your goals. Without a tool like SiteMetrix you are handicapped by competing with others that do.

In this age of mobile browsing that includes phones, tablets, TVs as well as PCs, knowing what kind of devices are being used to access your content is important. We detect more that 7,000 devices and the list is growing! We are constantly adding to our database and your reports will include which devices and how frequently they are being used to access your content. The results can be surprising! But you don't need surprises, you need meaningful information you can put to work.

Using this powerful tool will increase the time visitors remain on your site. You can see what your site's users are interested in, and add value to your site. You'll find out how much traffic your web site attracts, where it's coming from, and find clues to help you make your site more popular.

All who register now for SiteMetrix now get 25 daily hits for FREE just for checking us out. This gives you a chance to see SiteMetrix in action, and also provides you with some real data you can use. If you like what you see and you want more, you can start a monthly subscription to our service when you are ready.

You're thinking "Great, but what does it cost?" For now the cost is only 3$ monthly for the first 3000 hits per day, and 1$ extra for each additional 1000 daily hits, paid monthly. You can lock in this low rate by registering and subscribing now.

Your daily page hit count starts fresh each day. After you reach your maximum, data logging stops for that day. The hits are page hits and do not include images and other bits of code required to render your web page. You can change your subscription at any time. So if you hit the daily limit you can adjust your subscription to reflect your needs.

For only $3/month you could see the results of 840,000 to 930,000 page views per month. Make a science out of your web efforts. Find out what your missing, today.

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